Perl feed handler on Linux
The purpose of these instructions is to show how to automate ssh login and get a programmatic handle on the streaming data using Perl on Linux. The following instructions have been tested on a Debian distribution of Linux. If you have a different distribution of Linux it is possible that some of these instructions may need to be adopted.
As user root give the command:
apt-get install build-essentials
which will download and install several utilities. This is required to ensure that all pre-requisites for building and installation of CPAN modules are available.

Then give the command:
perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::Expect'
which will build and install the Perl module along with all of its pre-requisites.

Then create a file:
containing the following Perl code:

------------------------start code--------------------------
#! /usr/bin/perl
$| = 1;

use Expect;

$script = 'ssh -p 6174';
$exp = new Expect;

$password = "rtfxd";

$t=5; #exit if there is no update in 5 seconds

     #response to query:
     [ 'Are you sure you want to continue connecting .*$' => sub {
     #response to password request:
     [ 'password: $' => sub {
     #acknowledge receipt of timestamp line starting with character '@'
     #this resets the timeout timer
     [ '^@.*' => sub {
------------------------end code----------------------------

If you have purchased Login Credentials:
Replace username: rt01.demo
password: rtfxd
in above code with the purchased credentials.